Friday, June 8, 2012

Follow me in my world ...

Who has found the gate into my world?
You have been searching for your destiny? Finally, cause your search can be ending here, for you have found me and will enjoy it. I will find your deep hidden desires and take you there.
I lead you into the world of Erotic hypnosis and with pleasure you will give me the key of your mind. The thought scares you? Your mind rears up? But deep inside hidden in your mind you know that you have to follow your destiny.
Now there's almost no going back because your path is clear. In my world already is a cage for you reserved. And with every word you read, you come closer to your destiny. Nevertheless, you cannot stop reading. Do you notice something?
Each word makes you fall deeper under the spell of Hypnotic Dream.

How Hypnotic Dream will guide you.
Curious? Hypnotic Dream offers for training and education purposes, a large repertoire of products and "services". But in the end you'll be the one for support the service you need the most like.
  • Erotic Hypnosis MP3s and CD's 
  • Skype voice-over hypnosis 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming in the text chat

MP3 or CD's

This is about your wishes. And I Hypnotic Dream will help you to make your wishes come true. Because your desires aren’t strange to me.

Whether this new world for you or whether you already have collected experiences.

These images will bring you your preferences for a closer way, in a way you dreamed it could never be you. Through regular suggestions in a trance state of deep relaxation can I love you so conditioned that all resistance disappears. In this state, you are absolutely free. Here you can let your wildest fantasies.

Everything will happen so in your mind and feel completely real. But beware! These recordings are addictive. Addicted to Hypnotic Dream. And if you only have time it may well be that you never get away from it again.

Your wish file ..

Deep inside you are secrets which only known by your subconscious mind. You don’t believe they exist but on the other hand you believe they are there. I can help you to make come out for you. The hidden desires will come out for you. I, Hypnosetraum, create a special CD/MP3 for you. I have already held a series of CD/MP3 ready-to-use, these are somehow general. Special request CD's or mp3 I'm talking to you precisely. Since the normal life can go on such a consultation is very important. Below is a small collection to choose from:
  • Dog School 
  • Nylon stockings fantasy 
  • The step into the unknown 
  • Finally Female  
  • Foot Fantasy 
  • Hand imagination 
  • Your wish ...
Send me an e-mail ( and I'll send you an mp3 to your mail address, or even a CD. Mp3's request, I'm just after consultation and your desires. Also, I think it is important that I'm keeping agreements.

Skype session

Selected slaves are allowed to submitted me directly via Skype. Make yourself comfortable. Point the camera at you, so I can see you better. Good slave. So I can watch your reactions and prepare you an unforgettable experience. Then nothing will be as it once was. My voice comes out of the darkness to you is you go to the core. I can see you, but you don’t see me. I will take you directly to me in my Sklavenreich in my dream world. You will serve your Hypnose-Mistress directly. My sexy voice will captivate, will lead you, and never let go.

Text chat

Neurolingustische programming in the text chat

You're a little shy, or like you just do not like to show on camera. At the same time you fascinated by the thought of being conditioned and manipulated by me. The power of words is greatly underestimated. Our thoughts are manifested in language. Trying to think of something. You will always have the words to have in your head. There you are you cannot think without the words in your head shape. Vice versa can be created through words alone overwhelming thoughts. Profound thoughts. Thought to be the actions and behaviors. Thoughts that I drive alone. You'll be surprised how far I'll put you in a trance, and what actions I will animate with simple commands. In addition, NLP is the text-chat is the ideal complement to deepen learned from your education with my hypnosis recordings practical. The principles I can trigger the text-chat at any time use against you.